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The Reunion (2022) The Reunion 2022

An elite prep school frozen in the snow. Three friends linked by a tragic secret. One girl taken by the night twenty-five years ago. The girl's body was buried in the gymnasium wall, the same wall that is about to be demolished.

Director: Mu. Maran

Stars: Grégory Fitoussi, Ioan Gruffudd, Ivanna Sakhno

5.0 IMDB Rating
Wifelike (2022) Wifelike 2022

A grieving detective in the near-future hunts down criminals who trade artificial humans on the black market. In the fight to end AI exploitation, an underground resistance attempts to infiltrate him by sabotaging the programming of the artificial human assigned as his companion to behave like his late wife. She begins to question her reality as memories of a past life begin to surface in a world where nothing is as it seems.

Director: James Bird

Stars: Doron Bell, Elena Kampouris, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

7.09 IMDB Rating
Action team overlord flower (2022) Action Team Overlord Flower 2022


Director: Liu Bayin

Stars: Wei Chen, Zhang Dong, Zina Blahusova

4.2 IMDB Rating